The Origin of Efficacy

Wild crafted by hand to ensure the highest quality and purest source

Pure Marula Oil is natural, wild harvested, hand-selected, and cold pressed with no added heat or chemicals ensuring maximum beneficial organic skin care properties in every bottle.

  • Gathering

    The marula fruit is wild harvested by hand from Marula trees in Africa.  ONLY the fallen fruit is collected.  By using the fruit, this adds value and protects the wild stands of trees which would normally be cut down and cleared for industrial agriculture.

    The women gather the fallen marula fruit from around their homes and bring them to nearby collection points where the fruit pulp is removed for jams and juices and the nut is sun dried and shelled - nothing is wasted.

  • Drying

    The nuts are then sun dried in preparation for shelling.  The discarded shells themselves are later used for charcoal so that nothing is wasted.

  • Extraction

    Each marula nut is hand cut and only the purest blonde oil-rich kernels are extracted to ensure the highest quality.  This is tightly controlled to ensure that no shell casings or debris can be found in the oil.

  • Pressing

    The pure oil-rich kernels are hand-selected and manually cold pressed with no heat or chemicals using a specially designed press.  This attentive process provides a pure and rich oil, free of any microscopic nut casings and other impurities.

    The raw virgin oil is then put through a final proprietary filtration system, before being transported to our labs in California, USA.  This superior process ensures that our Pure Marula Oil is the highest quality organic skin care product available.