A dedicated festival? Celebrated by royalty? It can only be marula... 

Dry hair is coming... Or is it? Here are seven ways to combat those pesky dry locks during the winter.



The chill is finally creeping in. Amongst the cosy nights at home and Christmas shopping, there is another thing that crops up during this time of the year. Winter skin...

 Here are five ways to combat it.

Here's a question we get asked every day without fail, “is marula oil suitable for my skin type?”. Yes. You can relax, let us explain.


We've had some fantastic weather this summer (albeit fairly brief), and with the remainder of August and early September still to come, there's always the promise of more sun. One thing we get asked about regularly is whether it's suitable to apply marula oil during warm spells. The answer is yes.

For one thing, it provides UV ray protection. It contains vitamin E which can absorb the energy from ultraviolet light. This means it plays an important role in photo-protection, thus preventing UV-induced free radical damage to skin.